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…continues on the internet. You can connect and enjoy the same beautiful music format you know and love. We hope you will join the many tens of thousands who already connect daily to our broadcast on the internet.

Our previous page and web site where corrupted last week most likely by people who must like other forms of music. Our trusty staff kicked into gear today and completed what I think was a great job rebuilding the site. Thanks Clayton! Let him know what you think via email Clayton Williams.

Many of our listeners are talking about our new FREE Android App in the Google Play Store. If you have an Android phone click this link to get it Jones College Radio JCR from the Google Play Store.

To Listen online click the Red Radio image. Help for connecting to our stream is available on our
Help FAQ page there is a Smart Phones section. To see our Play List, showing the previous half hour, click on the Play List  link.

I would like to thank Drew Dixon  and the Florida Times Union for the for the November 6th 2014 story on our Broadcast.

For over forty-four years, the trademark Jones College sound has enjoyed a loyal following of dedicated listeners and can be heard 24 hours a day in private homes,

businesses and professional offices throughout northeast Florida and southeast Georgia.

Commentary by Dick McMeekin is enjoyed twice each weekday at 10:15 AM and 3:15 PM.

If you are an Agency or Marketing Professional looking for the elusive 35+ audience in the Jacksonville metro area,

JCR has them. We are proud of our large and loyal audience with market leading regular listener numbers. We have the highest Time Spent Listening hours of any station. Our studies show a consistent value to our sponsors, noted by many advertising experts in the area. You can view this and more information in our media kit in PDF format.

Jones College has been and continues to be the primary sponsor of Jones College Radio since its inception.

We broadcast news and information about programs and offerings of the college. More information about the programs and offerings of the College are available here.  If we are to continue our beautiful music broadcasts on the internet we must take every opportunity to convince you, the public, that we are worthy of your support. Keep beautiful music and support Jones College Radio.

Thank you to those who support us and the Beautiful Music of Jones College Radio. Here are our
Donations and Expenses.