Donations and Expenses

Thank you for supporting the Beautiful Music of Riverton Tower (formerly Jones College)!

This page contains a current list of support activity and costs. The totals may be found at the bottom of the donor listing. To quickly find your donation, type your last name in the “Search:” field below.

DateLast NameCityStateAmount
January 8, 2021KennisonJacksonvilleFL$50.00
January 18, 2021Velez-RiveraStatesboroGA$100.00Happy New Year
January 18, 2021LeukrothNellysfordVA$50.00
January 18, 2021BarndsFort WorthTX$42.00Don't mess with Texas
January 18, 2021HuibregtseBenningtonNE$15.00
January 20, 2021ShermanSeal BeachCA$20.00
January 25, 2021MuserRockledgeFL$25.00
January 26, 2021RuelEast WeymouthMA$50.00
January 29, 2021BarndsPraire VillageKS$45.00
February 1, 2021KennisonJacksonvilleFL$40.00
February 17, 2021HuibregtseBenningtonNE$15.00
February 26, 2021SeubertSaint JohnsFL$40.00
March 1, 2021KennisonJacksonvilleFL$50.00
March 11, 2021StewartOrlandoFL$50.00
March 15, 2021BarndsFort WorthTX$40.00
March 18, 2021KennisonJacksonvilleFL$50.00
March 23, 2021CondraChesterVA$165.00
April 12, 2021KennisonJacksonvilleFL$50.00
April 14, 2021GibbsCovingtonLA$350.00
April 20, 2021ParenPittsboroNC$50.00
April 28,2021KennisonJacksonvilleFL$50.00
May 6,2021SeubertSaint JohnsFL$40.00
May 6, 2021SaucciBaldwinNY$250.00
May 13, 2021KennisonJacksonvilleFL$50.00
May 13, 2021HuibregtseBenningtonNE$15.00
Thank you!
Total for 2021$1,387.00But not enough yet...
Others need to help
Those listed above should get streaming logins and those not on the list should suffer music loss.
We do not yet requier logins... Perhaps we should. Ken
March 9, 2020BrunoJacksonvilleFL$100.00
March 9, 2020PierceJacksonvilleFL$10.00
March 10, 2020HockJacksonvilleFL$100.00
March 10, 2020KratovilleRiverheadNY$10.00
March 13, 2020NobleJacksonMI$25.00
March 13, 2020HuibregtseBenningtonNE$15.00
March 16, 2020LuedkeBlufftonSC$50.00
March 16, 2020ParenPittsboroNC$75.00
March 17, 2020BarndsPraire VillageKS$50.00
March 19, 2020BaronChillicotheIL$15.00
March 20, 2020KennisonJacksonvilleFL$40.00
March 24, 2020FussSavannahGA$25.00
March 24, 2020BrenoleArcadiaFL$10.00
April 3, 2020KennisonJacksonvilleFL$40.00
April 6, 2020GreeneJenson BeachFL$20.00
FL$50.00March 18, 2021KennisonJacksonvilleFL$50.00March 18, 2021KennisonJacksonvilleFL$50.00March 18, 2021KennisonJacksonvilleFL$50.00
April 28, 2020WalshClermontFL$50.00
April 29, 2020SeubertSaint JohnsFL$30.00
May 11, 2020KennisonJacksonvilleFL$15.00
May 11, 2020BarndsPraire VillageKS$23.00
May 12, 2020HuibregtseBenningtonNE$40.00
May 18, 2020GeigerSunnyvaleCA$50.00
May 26, 2020KennisonJacksonvilleFL$40.00
June 8, 2020KennisonJacksonvilleFL$40.00
June 15, 2020HuibregtseBenningtonNE$40.00
June 15, 2020BarndsPraire VillageKS$25.00