Our History


The Founder of Jones College Radio

Jack H. Jones 1912-2003

JackHJonesAs the President and Chairman of Jones College for many years, Jack H. Jones operated business colleges in Jacksonville and throughout the southeast United States. In 1964 he was approached with a donation from the Rahall family of the Radio Station, WKTZ-FM. At that time FM radio was not well known. FM radios were not yet popular, and not many had been installed in automobiles at this point. FM radio was just getting started.

After taking over the station, Mr. Jones appeared at the studio with a hand full of albums from home. “Put these on and nothing else.” he said. “But sir” said the announcer, “If I put these on, you won’t have any listeners by the end of the first song.” “You don’t have any listeners now.” Mr. Jones said. After changing the music format to Beautiful Music, similar to what you hear today, WKTZ, then at 96.1 on the FM dial began broadcasting its now trademark sound.

For many years Jones College Radio developed its format. Mr. Jones would call in to the station on a two-way radio and tell them to pull that song off the air. He would later go to the station and use nail polish on the album to cover over the songs he didn’t like, just to make sure they weren’t played. WKTZ FM became the number one station, bar none, in Jacksonville FL. It remains the number one Beautiful Music Station in Jacksonville to this day.


Lawrence W. Mashburn 1932-2003


Wayne was our general manager  here at Jones College Radio for many years. He worked more than 20 years
developing our music content and format. He is the sound of Beautiful Music that’s on Jones College Radio. His voice can still be heard today with many of the announcements he recorded over the years.His legacy will live on in
the music you enjoy every day on Jones College Radio.

This aired on Monday, May 12, 2003.The following is an announcement by our Commentator Dick McMeekin.

His name was Lawrence W. Mashburn – and those who worked with him daily called him by his preferred middle name, “Wayne.”

He was a man seldom seen by listeners, but his mellow voice was heard daily for decades. He was a first-rate administrator and served as general manager of WKTZ FM and WJAX AM. His sometimes-gruff exterior masked a heart as big as Jacksonville, maybe bigger. As a host – your daily radio host – he was always gracious, caring and professional. His career in radio began many decades ago. He was signally responsible for bringing Norm Vincent and his Saturday swing time show to Jones College Radio.

He was also directly responsible for bringing yours truly with my daily commentaries, to the weekday programming on Jones College Radio.

His particular genius lay in taking patches of music and putting them together to make a quilt of easy listening musical broadcasts a thing to behold, a marvel to hear. The joining of various artists and musical styles was seamless. His music intellect spanned decades of recorded works, and he was an authoritative and informative voice.

Wayne was responsible for taking WKTZ-FM to the Internet where it can be heard by listeners, hungry for good music, worldwide.

Wayne passed away last week. He will be missed, dearly missed by all of us at Jones College. You see, in addition to friendship and respect – many of us loved the man and are not the least bid hesitant to openly say so. I am certain of one thing, the elevator he got onto was definitely headed up, and I believe he is now up there orchestrating the music of the angels. God bless and good-bye to Lawrence W. Mashburn.

Tom Buetow

Tom is an announcer and the Music Director for WKTZ WJAX. He grew up in Denison, Iowa where he worked part time at the local radio station KDSN. He wanted to serve his country so he enlisted in the Army and spent one year in Vietnam.

He then went on to study broadcasting at Northwest Missouri State University. After graduation he spent several years at KKJO radio in St. Joseph, Missouri. in 1977 he had the opportunity to move to Florida. He was hired by Jones College Radio and has enjoyed working for WKTZ ever since.

Kenneth L. Jones

General Manager

Director of Information Systems

July 7, 2003: Jones College has appointed Kenneth L. Jones as the new General Manager of Radio Stations WKTZ-FM and WJAX-AM. Kenneth has been working at the station on and off for many years and has assisted with the recent transition.

Kenneth stated, “The policies and traditions of Jones College Radio will remain. There is always room for improvement in operations, but our trade mark sound of Beautiful Music is here to stay. I look forward to working with the community, businesses, and local interests. I hope to foster new relationships where WKTZ can bring attention to our fine community and its local area organizations and businesses.”